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Why to Use Voice Workout Rep Counter

Voice Workout Rep Counter

Voice Workout Rep Counter – Real Human Voice for Exercise, Fitness, Yoga, Meditation

When training, a real human voice will count reps for you.
Speed Adjustment, Music, Save/Load
You can use it as a rep counter.

What if someone could count reps for you while training right beside you?

Isn’t it boring to train alone and easy to lose focus?
However, if someone is beside you counting reps, it could be fun!

Voice Workout Rep Counter

+ Rep counting with a REAL human voice.
We recorded real a fitness trainer’s voice.

+ There are four voices to choose from: Male/Female, Gentle/Powerful

+ Reps, Number of Sets, Resting Time, Voice, and Speed can all be adjusted, even during a session.

+ There are five types of music to choose from: Electronic, Adrenaline, Bright, Relaxing1, Relaxing2.

+ Save, Load
+ Two ways of counting reps.
+ It can count slower as time goes by (everyone gets tired).
+ Large buttons, Light/Fast App, No Internet connection is required.