The rise and rise of bespoke beauty

The rise and rise of bespoke beauty

The rise and rise of bespoke beauty

Melissa Shedden

Personalised products of your dreams have become reality. 

Photo: The Lip Lab

Here's the thing, research shows that three quarters of women are using the wrong beauty products for our skin. Seriously. But a new breed of bespoke beauty is changing that – and the great thing is, it won’t cost you a fortune.

These days, our growing culture of customisation is accessible for everyone. Our appetite for personalisation has us stamping our initials on everything from pyjamas to trainers. We'll go rogue at restaurants and order based on dietary requirements, not the menu. Yes everything, even your takeaway coffee can be ordered just the way you like it. We're into it – and turns out, the beauty industry is, too. Here are the brands that are getting on board on with bespoke.


Like bras, most women are wearing the wrong one – too orange, too light, either way, a whole lot of wrong. It’s understandable why it happens, given the choice available –shades (for all skin tones), consistencies (lightweight, full coverage, waterproof) and functions (illuminating, anti-ageing, blurring, moisturising), finding the right base can feel like it requires a physics degree. Until now. The Lip Lab is a chic beauty boutique-meets-laboratory that creates your foundation from scratch, based off a questionnaire (re shade, feel and function) and real time colour mixing and matching. They’ll add more pink or yellow to find the right tone and also any desired additives, like an in-built primer, UV protection, mattifier or brightener to target pigmentation. Its $75 per bottle and the blending in front of you experience takes under an hour. Like it? Your formula will be kept on file so you can reorder sans consult.

Photo: The Lip Lab Paddington

Photo: The Lip Lab PaddingtonSource:BodyAndSoul


Simplified powerful skincare has arrived. Blend & Boost is the anti-thesis of one-size-fits-all products. The Canadian skincare brand which has recently launched in Australia, uses a diagnostic tool, aka an online questionnaire created by specialists, and a 30-minute in clinic consult to determine your base cream (five options), combined with up to three boosters (13 options), resulting in over 90 different combos. Within 48 hours your personal cocktail of active ingredients, is couriered to your door, costing from $150 for a 50mL bottle.

Dr Samuel Seit, founder and medical director at Neutral Bay’s The Skin Cancer and Cosmetic Clinic explains why this approach is the way forward. “In the past, products have been marketed simply for dry, normal, oily, and/or combination skin types. However, Blend & Boost identifies specific individual problem areas and then selects targeted active ingredients that provide the most effective single product with multiple functions.” In other words, all you need is cleanser, Blend&Boost and sunscreen, and you’re sorted.

Photo: Blend & Boost

Photo: Blend & BoostSource:BodyAndSoul


The vast choice of beauty products and services available on the market has always been a source of celebration. But too much choice can also be overwhelming. Tilly Barnett, owner of No. 13 the Beauty Avenue, Potts Point, agrees, “It can be so confusing.” Barnett recognised her clients were time-poor and wanting results, inspiring her to open a full service luxury beauty salon that offers customised treatments and services. “All facials are customised to suit each individual’s needs. Specific methods and products are selected to achieve the desired results,” she explains. Consider this permission to just arrange “a facial”, not to have to know the difference between peels, peptides, pressure points, and more, just to get your name on the bookings calendar.

No. 13 The Beauty Avenue

No. 13 The Beauty AvenueSource:BodyAndSoul


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