‘The beauty treatment that saves me $45 a week’

‘The beauty treatment that saves me $45 a week’

‘The beauty treatment that saves me $45 a week’

Say sayonara to lash extensions and hello to the keratin lash lift.

Image: Juna Xu

Hi, my name is Juna and I’m a lash-a-holic.

Well, that’s how I would’ve introduced myself last year when I was a complete lash-extension-addict.

I wasn’t blessed with the longest and thickest lashes, so after seeing the transformation lash extensions made, it certainly didn’t take long for me to quickly become the person who’d go back for infills as soon as a few lashes started falling out.

But that all ended when I got a one-off reaction to the glue, which left me home-bound for a week and completely lash-less.

My bank account would say that it was the best thing that happened to me last year (I was spending $160 every month on infills. RIP.), but every time I would look in the mirror, all I’d see were a set of eyes with non-existent lashes. It also meant that it was back to spending a heap of time in the bathroom trying to perfect my eye makeup.

In desperate hope to revive my lashes from the dead, I researched high and low for the best alternative to lash extensions (because let’s face it, I was a little scarred from that eye infection), and… enter: the Brow Queen’s (aka. Amy Jean) new Lash Elevate with keratin treatment.

Now if you haven’t heard of Amy Jean, I recommend you Google/Instagram/Facebook stalk her ASAP because she is known for her flawless results, and is the Queen behind the brows and lashes of top celebs including Delta Goodrem, Dannii Minogue, Chloe Morello, Naomi Campbell and Sandra Sully.

So what sets Amy Jean’s lash treatment apart from all the rest?

Just as you’d normally associate keratin with transforming damaged hair to strong, healthy, luscious locks, it does just that but for your lashes. And on top of giving them some good-for-you nourishment, the treatment also tints, lifts and curls them, too.

But what got me even more intrigued was the fact that the treatment originated from Korea to provide a solution to short, straight, downward-facing lashes, and TBH it had my name written all over it.

Booking two months in advance, the day finally came to bringing my lashes back to life. As soon as Amy Jean opened the door, I knew I was in for a special treat – she was the most elegant beauty technician I had ever seen. (And I've seen a lot.) I was taken into a glamorous room, where I laid down, closed my eyes, and she explained step-by-step what the treatment entailed while she cleaned my mascara off and prepped my lashes by placing sticky pads under my eyes.

Now, the lift. To get the solution on, Amy placed a sticky gel guard just above my lash line, which had a bump to create the rounded look once she folded my lashes up to stick and hold them in place. These moulds come in a selection of different sized bumps, which Amy chooses accordingly to suit the length of your lashes.

The treatment consisted of applying and waiting for various layers of perm, keratin, setting solution and tint to set. After 25 minutes of closing my eyes (aka, sleeping), she took the moulds off and gently washed my lashes to remove any excess solution. And ta-da, my lashes were lifted.

She handed me a mirror and my first thought was: “I actually don’t hate my lashes” – words I never thought would run through my mind.

Image: Me before Amy Jean's Lash Elevate with Keratin treatment

Image: Me before Amy Jean’s Lash Elevate with Keratin treatmentSource:BodyAndSoul

Image: Me after Amy Jean's Lash Elevate with Keratin treatment

Image: Me after Amy Jean’s Lash Elevate with Keratin treatmentSource:BodyAndSoul

I was also given a keratin strengthening solution to help maintain the health of my lashes at home, which I simply just apply in the morning 10 minutes before feathering on my mascara.

You can also purchase her famous Lash Elevate Mascara ($35), which I highly recommend if you want to add even more fullness to your tinted curled lashes, sans clumping.

To be completely honest with you, when I went home that afternoon, I couldn’t stop looking at how amazing my lashes looked. Even my mum, who is your typical ‘no-makeup-all-natural’ kind of women, said she loved my lashes and that she’d even get them done herself.

I’d say the third best thing about the lift and tint is that I don’t have to deal with my lash curler anymore (well, for the eight to 12 weeks that it lasts for), which may I add, did nothing whatsoever to my lashes except pull them out.

The second best thing would have to be the price. While $130 does seem like a lot, it doesn’t come anywhere near the cost of maintaining extensions, and it’ll last you two and a half months of hassle-free lashes. I also don’t get my hair blow-dried, have facials, get fake tans or any other beauty treatment for that matter, so I feel like this would be my little treat to myself every now and then.

And the number one best thing about Amy Jean’s keratin lash lift and tint? I can do all the things that you can’t do when you have extensions (i.e. wash you face with oil-based products, sleep with a sleeping mask, rub your eyes unconsciously and then panic) and still walk out of the house everyday feeling confident knowing that my lashes look amazing.

Amy Jean, you are my saving grace.

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