The anti-ageing beauty treatments you’re about to see everywhere

The anti-ageing beauty treatments you’re about to see everywhere

The anti-ageing beauty treatments you’re about to see everywhere

Bonnie Gillies

The low-down on the latest trends that can eliminate those fine lines and wrinkles, according to our resident beauty expert. 

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Each year there are new and exciting treatments hitting the beauty market. They all claim to be the latest and greatest, yet not all of them live up to the hype. As a beauty insider I’m privy to what’s really going on, so I thought I’d let you guys in on the latest beauty treatments everyone’s talking about.


The skin care industry is currently buzzing with rave reviews about Dermaplaning.

Dermaplaning (also known as Dermablading) is a form of manual exfoliation using a sterile surgical scalpel which is scraped along the surface of the skin. The scalpel scrapes away dead skin cells from the epidermis and it also removes the hair on the face often referred to as ‘peach fuzz’.

The treatment successfully scrapes off a significant amount of dead skin build up to reveal the more radiant skin beneath. This combined with the removal of the peach fuzz from the face, makes the skin look incredibly smooth and incredibly radiant. The result is beautifully glowing skin and your make-up looking seriously flawless.

Without fail, the first question I’m always asked when I tell someone about dermaplaning, and indeed the first question I also asked when I heard about the treatment is ‘won’t the hair on my face grow back darker?’

The answer is no. Although the scalpel is actually shaving the hair off the face, it doesn’t grow back any thicker or any darker.

I’m also happy to report there is zero down time with dermaplaning, and results are immediate.

Laser Skin Tightening

Popularity in laser skin tightening treatments has been rapidly on the rise in the past few months. A bunch of celebrities and influencers have been posting about having their legs, arms and butt sculpted using laser skin tightening technology, and salons offering the treatments are popping up everywhere.

Laser devices are used to shoot heat, light or radio frequency deep down into the layers of skin to stimulate collagen production, which in turn leads to firmer and tighter skin.

It offers a non-surgical solution to loose, sagging skin on the body. With a price tag of anywhere from $200- $2000, we’d all like to know it works before we invest.

The good news is laser skin tightening does work. But results differ depending on which device is used in the treatment. The price is usually an indicator of the quality of the result you will get, with the more expensive giving the best results.

The pricier treatments like Ultherapy and Thermage, give fantastic results. They significantly tighten and firm the skin, with immediate results that get better and better over the next few months.

But that’s not to say that the cheaper treatments don’t work because they actually do. However, results from cheaper treatments aren’t as dramatic and you may need a series of treatments rather than a one off.

Fat Melting Injections

Last year the makers of botox released a new double chin dissolving injection called Belkyra.

Previously double chins could only be treated with liposuction and other invasive surgeries, so when Belkyra, an injection with minimal discomfort that literally dissolves the fat in the problematic area, hit the market, it was a much welcomed alternative.

Belkyra is a prescription injectable which contains synthesised deoxycholic acid. When injected into the double chin, or fat bulge beneath the jaw, the compound breaks down fat which the body then eliminates. The result is a quick, permanent treatment, with little down time.

The treatment is rapidly growing in popularity and rumor has it that this year Belkyra will also be commonly used for dissolving fat in other areas of the body like the bra bulge, and other small areas of stubborn fat.

Belkyra cost anywhere from $1200-$2000. While the treatment usually requires two sessions, results are permanent once the fat is dissolved.

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