Some calories are more harmful than others, study finds

Some calories are more harmful than others, study finds

Some calories are more harmful than others, study finds

Some calories are more harmful than others: study

Even when eaten as part of an otherwise healthy diet. 

Researchers have concluded that sugar-sweetened beverages have a unique propensity to cause chronic health problems.

Although all calories have an impact on the body, these harmful sugars impact on the effects of cardiometabolic disease and obesity, even when consumed within an otherwise healthy diet.

The paper, published in Obesity Reviewsin was compiled by 22 leading nutrition researchers. It examined whether the effects of all calories were equal, finding that calories present in sugar-based drinks were particularly harmful to the body.

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“What’s new is that this is an impressive group of scientists with vast experience in nutrition and metabolism agreeing with the conclusion that sugar-sweetened beverages increase cardio-metabolic risk factors,” said lead author Kimber Stanhope, a research nutritional biologist with the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of California, Davis.

Surprisingly researchers concluded that sugar substitutes, such as aspartame (found in NutraSweet and Equal) did not have the same effect

“If you go on the internet and look up aspartame, the layperson would be convinced that aspartame is going to make them fat, but it’s not,” said Stanhope. “The long and short of it is that no human studies on noncaloric sweeteners show weight gain.”

The researchers also found that the consumption of polyunsaturated fats (found in vegetable oil, seeds and nuts) lowered disease risk when compared to the same amount of saturated fat. The nutrition experts encourage the addition of these healthy fats to your diet while limiting the consumption of other fat, especially in dairy products.

Overall Stanhope and her fellow researchers conclude that the best way to go is “a healthy diet pattern consisting of minimally processed whole grains, fruit, vegetables, and healthy fats.”

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