Nikki Phillips reveals her pregnancy beauty tips

Nikki Phillips reveals her pregnancy beauty tips

Nikki Phillips reveals her pregnancy beauty tips

Melissa Shedden

Including her secret to preventing stretch marks. For real.

Photo: Instagram@nikkikphillips

If anyone deserves to have a hassle free pregnancy it’s Nikki Phillips. The model, fashion blogger and cervical cancer survivor and her husband Dane Rumble are expecting their first child, after three miscarriages.

The Clinelle and PUMA Oceania ambassador is 36-weeks along and has found her feet with this whole pregnancy beauty thing (even if she can’t see them over her bump). We're lucky enough that she's shared her top skincare advice for mums in the making.

What do you wish you knew about how your body changes before falling pregnant?

“To expect anything! Your hormones have such a drastic and dramatic effect on your skin and hair in early stages of pregnancy. Each trimester has played different roles with my skin and hair. I went from having dramatic breakouts, to hair thinning and now thick hair and glowing skin. I guess with your skin being the largest organ and absorbing almost everything you put on it, you need to be more aware pre, during and post pregnancy.”

How much has your beauty routine changed during pregnancy?

“Hugely. I never used to read or be too concerned about hidden nasties in any products I was using. If it worked, I would use it – a very naive attitude. My partnership with Clinelle came at the perfect time as I was searching for something that could help hydrate and most importantly be natural, while still having clinically-tested ingredients in the formula.”

How has your hair and skin changed?

“The first few months I noticed massive changes due to hormones, from severe dehydration, to breakouts. Now it’s settled and my skin has a great glow to it. I’ve been more attentive to it during pregnancy, and created my own little routine to help it along the way. My hair is out of control! I’ve always had thick hair, but that seems to have tripled. I feel very sorry for my amazing hairdresser Rosie at Wildlife when I go in as I take up about five to six hours of her day!”

What about pigmentation and stretch marks?

“I’ve always suffered slightly from pigmentation issues, but luckily this hasn’t heightened during my pregnancy. When it comes to stretch marks, I have been a stickler for moisturising my body since the beginning, morning and night. Luckily it’s paid off and (touch wood) no stretch mark in sight.”

What are your pregnancy beauty tips and favourite products?

“Less is more. Clinelle has a small but powerful range of products. I do love to experiment with them all and have the occasional home pamper day, but my go-tos are HydraCalm Cleansing gel and the HydraCalm cream. Twice a week I’ll pop on a HydraCalm sleeping mask as you can sleep with it on. For those frantic work weeks I also use the HydraCalm serum and my secret weapon is the Blemish Clear.”


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