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New York City-coveted, dance inspired fitness experience DanceBody ( announces fortified plans for the expansion of founder Katia Pryce’s revolutionary fitness vision. Substantiated by the recent close of it’s seedround, DanceBody is perfecting the boutique fitness experience with plans to rapidly expand its presence in this high-demand market space. The boutique fitness industry is on fire right now in having seen 400% growth over the past four years, into a $45 billion dollar a year business.
With DanceBody’s procurement of seed funding and a devoted, global community of enthusiasts, they are solidifying the brand’s elite position in an ever-growing market. The industry’s prominent voice, the International Health, Racquet, and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) reported that in 2014, 54.1 million people maintained a membership to a health or fitness club, with 42% of those people (roughly 22.7 million) who were also members of a boutique fitness studio.

Best DanceBody Fitness Studio in Hamptons
It is reported that 2014 saw a 200% increase over the prior year of the number of fitness studios opened, a clear demarcation of consumers gravitating toward customized, community-driven experiences not commonly found in a conventional gym.

The hallmarks of DanceBody’s growth strategy include the announcement of the brand’s imminent, first-ever eponymous studio in Spring 2017 and a proprietary streaming service that allows fitness lovers to access hundreds of its classes anytime, from anywhere on earth. “The market for boutique fitness is clearly robust and only expanding with boutique studios earning on average twice as much per customer than big-box gyms,” said Randall Kane, COO of DanceBody. “What separates DanceBody from the pack is our multi-layered approach to offering an unparalleled workout through the simultaneous introduction of a brick-and-mortar studio, regional expansion, and our own custom streaming platform – all while growing a truly authentic community.

This March, DanceBody will debut its flagship studio in Manhattan’s famed Tribeca neighborhood at 51 Warren Street. Currently 40 DanceBody classes per week take place at locations in NYC (the Upper East Side, Union Square, Noho, and Tribeca), the Hamptons, and as of September 2016, in Miami Beach with current devotees and fitness lovers clamoring for more.
Once the Tribeca studio opens, DanceBody will increase its offerings to 70 classes per week – an increase of 75% – to meet pent up demand.Where DanceBody differentiates itself from its competitors is in the company’s devoted mission to stay personal and inclusive. Its success to-date is due to a pool of fitness lovers who appreciate the workout (with 8-10 new dances choreographed every 2 months), but who value the personal and social connection as well. Founder Katia Pryce shies away from being called a ‘celebrity trainer’ mentioning, “DanceBody’s instructors are all professionally-trained dancers and we all build relationships with our clients where we are personally committed to their progress – all the while creating an atmosphere of pure fun.”

Dance Inspired Fitness Exercises in Manhattan
DanceBody is also hard at work to ensure that fitness devotees worldwide are now able to access DanceBody@Home (, a custom streaming platform that provides access to videos of hundreds of DanceBody classes for a flat monthly fee. Accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere, the platform features high quality footage of real studio classes – with unparalleled energy.
The philosophy behind DanceBody is to refine a client’s body to resemble the physique of a dancer – even if they have never danced before. DanceBody offers feel-good motivation and training designed to empower and support the mind. Through well-rounded, full-body workouts and easy to follow classes set to energetic music, each dance is choreographed from a dancer’s brain through an athlete’s body.
Classes can be booked on (with a refreshed site launching January 2017) or on the DanceBody app. Private one-on-one and group sessions are also available. To learn more, please visit

For press inquiries, please contact Caitlin Shockley at The Creative:
For information about class scheduling & pricing, please contact DanceBody at (212) 500-1174 or
About Katia Pryce, Creator & Founder
As a personal trainer and professional dancer, Katia has been motivating her clients (models, to moms, to pop stars, to working girls) to attain their best possible “DanceBody” since 2009. Fusing years of dance with her love for high intensity fitness, Katia created DanceBody classes in 2013 with the personal mission of helping her clientele achieve their best possible levels of fitness, body confidence, and selfawareness…using a dancer’s moves! She started training clients privately, and word of mouth spread.
DanceBody became a full-fledged movement, blossoming into a full schedule of classes in NYC, the Hamptons, and Miami.

About DanceBody
DanceBody has three components:
DANCE CARDIO that leverages various dance styles, motivating music, and a distracting sense of fun while ramping up your heart rate for maximum calorie burn!
SCULPTING that tightens, tones, and strengthens your body while efficiently refining your overall shape. Our dance inspired sculpt moves specifically target those underutilized muscles that dancers can access effortlessly.
MIND + ATTITUDE improvement are at the forefront of every DanceBody class offered. Strict formalities in training are replaced with training crafted by professional dancers, who prioritize the joy of movement while providing an unparalleled workout.

Web | Instagram @DanceBody | Facebook KPDanceBody | Twitter @KPDanceBody


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