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A high class escort reveals what she has learnt about men

A high class escort reveals what she has learnt about men

A high class escort reveals what she has learnt about men

Melissa Shedden

“The more I know men, the more I am attracted to women.”

Picture: Supplied. Samantha X by Fabrizio Lipari.

If Linda Evangelista wouldn’t get out of bed in the Nineties for less than $10,000, Samantha X won’t get into one for less than $1100 – an hour.

Since revealing her career change from journalist to high-class escort in her 2014 autobiography, Hooked: Secrets Of A High-Class Escort, Samantha X (real name: Amanda Goff) has not only started her own agency, Samantha X Angels, but managed to find time to publish her second book, Back On Top.

“I wrote this second book as therapy for myself,” the 43-year-old tells myBody+Soul. “The book was never intentionally going to be a guide to empower women to end toxic relationships, but it became that.”

While the Sydney-based madam who counts clients from all walks of life, including "tradies, celebrities, doctors, professors, bankers, CEOs, businessmen, lawyers," can’t make a generalisation about an entire sex, she can about the men who request her services – half of whom she says are married – and this is what she’s learnt.

Lesson #1 – They are simple creatures

“I don’t mean it in a derogatory way. I love men. They are simple and beautiful humans, but I crave the complexity of the female mind. Men are not after porn star sex or even penis in vagina. In fact, nine out of 10 of them are actually after company and intimacy. More often than not, the booking becomes a therapy session.”

Lesson #2 – They find it hard to talk about things that matter

“For many their ego and fear of being judged gets in the way of expressing their worries in real life relationships. They want someone to talk to and an escort, which is a relationship built on trust after all, can be that ear.”

Lesson #3 – There are good ones and bad ones

“Booking an escort is like any other business meeting or appointment and it needs to be treated with respect. The best clients turn up on time and have good manners, while the worst, are arrogant and rude – and they won’t make it past the due diligence stage. Remember, if a man is a dickhead he will give it away – and quickly.”

Lesson # 4 – They’re attracted to fame and status

“Since going public, the clients I’m getting are intrigued to meet Samantha X. It’s funny, they want to meet the ‘celebrity escort’, but I’m just a normal person who likes to kick off the heels and be at home in my trackpants. I’ve actually had some clients offended because I didn’t mention them in the book.”

Lesson #5 – They like a well-dressed woman

“It’s so expensive being an escort. You wouldn’t believe the maintenance – laser, waxing, hair and nail appointments, eyelash extensions, though I’ve stopped those. I’m $1100 an hour, so I have to look the part. I dress more professionally now, and own more trouser suits now, than when I was an office worker.”

Lesson #6 – Some are gossip guys

There’s gossip in any workplace, but no matter what your industry it’s best to stay out of the office politics, do your job, and support each other. Some men like to talk about the other girls, and give away their secrets. I won’t listen to the nastiness though and shut it down quickly.”

Lesson #7 – They drop clues when a relationship is over

“I always marvel at why men take off their wedding rings with me – or any escort. We don’t care what their relationship status is; they are not potential partners and we do not judge. I always ask the married men who book me why they are there. A small percentage have very good solid marriages, and simply like variety. But most of the married men are not connecting with their wives. There is no intimacy and affection, but because of children or for financial reasons, they don’t want the end the relationship. So they withdraw. I’m always dying to know the other side of the story. There’s no doubting marriage is tough. I don’t know how people do it for decades.”

Back On Top is available now at all good book stores.

Former journalist Amanda Goff on her decision to become a sex worker0:40

Former media personality tells Sunday Night about her decision to become Samantha X – a



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